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Site Fixes – June 2014

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  1. Great job so far you guys!
    Task #1 – The “Scroll Down” is still not anchored to the bottom and is not responsive when resizing the screen. It should shrink when the screen gets smaller. Right now it hovers over the News stories when I shrink the screen.

    Task #17 – Please refer to visuals 1.1 Homepage (Noel’s 5-29-14) – I’d like it to match the design. Shadow should separate the text from the white, and excerpt should be flush left.

  2. Screen shots for Task #1

    Please review visual 1.1 Homepage (Noel Saw’s Conflicted Copy 5-29-14)

    “Scroll Down” should sit at the bottom of the page –

    “Scroll Down” is still not responsive. Should shrink in size with the rest of the images. –

  3. noel saw says:

    Hi Britt, numbers correspond to the to-do items:

    1.) The height of someone’s monitor, resolution, and browser height is going to throw off what “bottom” means. We cannot make it more precise than one what is there now. It’s out of our hands.

    4.) For this, can you setup a Disqus login please and email me the username and password?

    Note Disqus is a 3rd party and tricky system (that’s not in our full control) that may require extra time for debugging beyond the budget. I’ve used it with both Cross Campus and Gadget Review – both times had problems that required a lot of debugging time. If we do run into problems with it, we’ll use part of the overage budget but just letting you know it’s not easy and may even take more time than we talked about.

    7.) and 13.) The slider requires at least 5 items to function properly. Once they have at least 5 items for each dropdown, everything will fall into place.

    10.) As for the navigation bar builder it’s using a lot of complicated javascript to display the posts from the categories and can’t be easily hooked up to the WP menu builder.

    The WP menu builder doesn’t natively support showing posts and thumbnails pulled from categories dynamically. It doesn’t have the User Interface controls already to support this type of menu being managed visually.

    We can show you how to edit the code to change links and point to different category IDs. You’ll need to learn how to use SFTP and a text editor to edit the files to re-upload when the menu needs to be changed. Or if they’re easy changes, I’ll charge you $15 per round of simple changes (3 or 4 things) for labels or different URLs.

    We can also add the CSS in My Custom CSS so you can edit the font styling for the navigation bar tweaks.

  4. noel saw says:

    Britt, I am re-opening #1 for now. Talking with Gaya about it.

  5. noel saw says:

    Hi Britt, for the comments, I’d recommend using WP’s built in comments system for now but I would definitely signup for Akismet at $5/month to block spam comments.

    You’ll still receive spam comments but most of them will be suppressed.

    We can enable WP’s standard built in comments function on your posts/articles but where do you want it on the page? At the absolute bottom or between which modules?

    You can see the WP comments on these example pages:

    The comments above should be using the standard WordPress comments system that shows an avatar and message next to each other.

  6. noel saw says:

    Hi Britt, we’ve added Disqus to the site. You can enable comments for each post on by check marking “on” Discussions.


    Example posts with comments (Disqus) turned on:

    I think the only thing left is adding the font styling to My Custom CSS so you can fine tune the font sizes yourself.

  7. Hi Team

    Great job on the fixes! A few things…

    1. Please remove the black box around the “Scroll Down” – it is too big and takes away from the design. The positioning of the Scroll Down text and arrow are PERFECT! So please leave that!

    2. The Author name on “Search Results” points to the homepage. Please redirect to

    3. Homepage “Profiles” design does not match the visual. Please review 1.1 Homepage (noel’s copy)

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