Chloe’s Projects for Neochrome (DEPRECATED)

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  1. chloenguyen says:

    Hey Noel, on the email you wrote:
    “QuickLaunch (QL) – $100 for home page design ideas/wireframe and rough 1st draft of video mini walk through”
    Was the video walk through supposed to be for NeoEvents?

    • noel saw says:

      Hi Chloe, video was QuickLaunch for sure because it’s hard to explain what it does. I’d still like to have a decent “static” home page that tries to explain it. But a video could help seal the deal.

      For NeoEvents, the goal is I want people to contact us and setup a screen sharing demo so no video is required for now. Thanks for asking!

  2. chloenguyen says:

    Hey Noel, bug alert: When I’m on QL and upload a picture for my logo, the title and subtitle disappear.

  3. chloenguyen says:

    Also, I can’t go from a background image to a gradient background back to the image.

    1. Upload a background image. Observe that the background changes to your image.
    2. Check the “Use gradient background” box. Observe that the background changes to the gradient.
    3. Uncheck the box in #2 and the full background will turn into the Background Color choice, even though the background image in #1 is there and appears to be selected.

    I had to upload the photo again to get it to be in the background.

  4. chloenguyen says:

    Hi Noel, I created a Word doc:

    I know you didn’t specifically ask me to QA, but I had questions and suggestions along the way I just figured I’d write them all down. The last page has two questions.

    I did a first attempt at a homepage design for QL, with the slider containing placeholder images that would have screenshots of various QL looks. What do you think? Am I on the right track?

  5. chloenguyen says:

    Noel for this one in the email:
    NeoEvents (NE) – $150 for home page feedback on design/wording, user guide, FAQs, and testing

    What’s the URL for the home page? The link you sent is but I remember something looking drastically different. Or was that just a mock up and not at all live? If so, can you send it to me so I can provide feedback?

  6. noel saw says:

    Thanks Chloe!

    We’re using NeoEvents on the following sites: <--example page with sessions shortcode timeline display <-- example with proposed sessions user "voting" and draft status The dev site for the "company" / product (software as a service aka site hosting) page is here:

    Mockup is here:

  7. noel saw says:

    Hey Chloe, thanks for putting together the Google doc with QL comments. Let me review by tomorrow morning. I have an important deadline for Kaiser project today.

    Hope you had a good weekend!

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