Brooke Peterson Redesign 2014

noel saw
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  1. noel saw says:

    Hi Brooke, can we try using this for tracking project?

    I need Mailchimp login and feedback from Brooke about overall site and also confirm how to make new video page as we discussed. That would be creating a drop down menu for “Watch” with “Mom Show” and “Videos” right? Each page looks similar to each other but with the posts filtered for the right videos.

  2. noel saw says:

    Gaya, Update slider images to use ones from old site. I’ve told Brooke that she’ll need to replace them herself later.

    ==start quote from Brooke Ehrlich==
    I know those are holding places in the shifter, but could you put these in there, so we can get a sense of what the site is going to look like (current colors of those pics make it hard to tell):
    I’ve attached two screenshots from the blog page that are a good example of what the shifter photos should always look like. (the current one in the shifter doesn’t load correctly)

  3. noel saw says:

    Here’s the latest wireframe with two video pages:

    Please look at screens #6 and #7 on the wireframe above.
    We’re going to have two video pages under “Watch” menu.
    Both are going to use the same exact layout except show different videos.

    Screen 6: “Watch” will have the “Videos” from the old site. People just click on “Watch” to see this page.
    Screen 7: “Brooke Presents” will be accessed from the drop down menu (see wireframe) on the navigation bar. This page will have the “Brooke Presents” videos copied from the old site.

    Again both pages will have the same exact layout.

  4. noel saw says:

    Hi Gaya, I talked with Client. We’re renaming “Brooke Presents” to “Mom Show” (singular and no apostrophe).

    Thanks for your help!

  5. Gaya says:

    Hi Noel,

    here are the videos that are not embeddable (MommyCast website is unavailable generally):

    MommyCast: Career Day
    Rachael Ray: Double Duty Pumpkins Tips
    MommyCast: Homemade Play Dough
    MommyCast: Wrinkle Release
    MommyCast: Flavored Water
    MommyCast: Bento Box
    Rachael Ray: DIY Bar
    MommyCast: Summer Trendspotting
    Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer
    Rachael Ray: Cooking with Bobby Flay
    Brooke Peterson’s Reel
    Rachael Ray: Holiday Showdown
    MommyCast: Pancake Tacos

    from YouTube (deleted or private)
    Rock What You Got: Typsy Gypsy Halloween
    Food Network’s Private Chefs
    Every Monday Matters

  6. Gaya says:

    Btw, Mom Show section is in the dropdown of Watch menu item.

    I transfered Mom Show and Watch pages large image into a slideshow, and called latest posts from each category which is a redundancy. Should we use the same “Featured” category logic here as with regular posts?

  7. Gaya says:

    I also finished Press page color tinting:

    It wasn’t possible to tint just the text, the whole box changes color, I couldn’t find any suitable css3 solution. Let me know if it’s ok.

  8. noel saw says:

    Thanks Gaya for those notes. For the videos, are you getting an error message when you try to embed the videos?

    I wonder if the security is set to now allow those videos to be posted to other websites without adding them to a whitelist?

    Or are you getting an error message of “video file” not found?

  9. Gaya says:

    No, some of them are private, I can’t even view them on YouTube, others are removed.

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