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  1. shri says:

    I added 4 tasks from my call with Crystal today

  2. shri says:

    This is a great tool!

  3. noel saw says:

    Hey Shri, which “content” are you reviewing? Is it for the home page or which inner page?

  4. shri says:

    Content on all built inner pages – since It seems there is too much and I need to cut down – I have tried to keep it short but think it is still a lot.

  5. noel saw says:

    @Shri, got it. Let’s take a look at the first inner page that gets built tonight after Matt’s done. We can review with Crystal and also get feedback from Charlie and Mario.

  6. Crystal Ehrlich says:


    Here are some RWD testing options.

    Useful screen capture tool

  7. noel saw says:

    Hi Shri, can you and Crystal brain storm on a better color scheme for the footer. Unless you want to keep the medium color grey on the footer?


  8. noel saw says:

    Shri, for the thumbnails on the footer you can set the published dates on each post here to resort the display order.

    I already “moved” Mobile + more to the end as a demonstration.

  9. noel saw says:

    Hi Shri, can you please clean up the “Matt Files” Dropbox shared folder?

    We need to start converting the StubHub and Samsung case studies but not sure if we should use the AI or PDF versions. I’lll also post this message on StrataList so you can reply there. We can work with AI files so if you want archive the PDFs but make sure the AI are newest.

    Just a reminder that we’re doing up to 3 case studies as part of the SOW. We’ve got a draft up of the Magellan.


  10. noel saw says:

    Hi Shri, for the home hero image – I know on a non 4:3 (like full width Mac Book Pro screens) aspect ratio screens, your headshot photo gets cut off. This is a result of us targeting 4:3 aspect ratio devices like the iPad and having a responsive hero image that tries to fill up the screen.

    We can have a work around by getting a better photo of you that’s centered or placed up higher faded/feathered out. Crystal’s going to try it out later tonight. I think she can come up with a good design to accommodate for this 16:9 issue.

    Or if you want we can increase the budget a bit to spend extra time optimizing for both 4:3 and 16:9 devices. Matt and I spent several hours tweaking this as much as possible this morning but we need to go with the work around above for now until phase 2.



  11. shri says:

    1. I have organized file under Matt files folder – Under ‘Pages’ folder there are Pages-ai (where the ai pages are – they include homepage, inner pages, and navigation bar); Content files (content .txt files with CSS, Resume PDF and Patents PDF), images folder (all embedded images reside here), HomeHero (homepage hero pages)
    USE Ai files (Ai readable PDFs were created because of your original request when we first started the project)

    2. StubHub has no case studies, just a sample from live site. Samsung has 2 (EventTV and TagTV), Magellan has 2 (In-vehicle and Outdoor), Rovi is work done by my team.
    The grey on footer was a placeholder, I can brainstorm with Crystal on color.

    3. Also blue letters on my name, Hero page text, and About and contact at footer are not looking good.

    4. We need a workaround on the 4:3 issue – besides photo ‘content and services’ icons were also getting cut off. Let us optimize in Phase 2 for 16:9 – I just need to have something good to get interviews 🙂

    5. I don’t understand about 3 cases as SOW – do you mean you will create 3 inner pages and rest I will have to create via WordPress? I prefer we use Rovi, Samsung, and Magellan as case studies – StubHub is very light. But once I understand what exactly you mean by case studies (my guess is inner pages), I will get going. That means website will remain unfinished until I get 3 more still not shareable with you think I can do them myself within hours?

  12. shri says:

    I have 3 annotated images (in skitch) on Matt files folder – how do I share skitch here?

  13. shri says:

    Noel, please check these skitch screen capture comments:



  14. noel saw says:

    Hi Shri, we were not ready for feedback.

    We (Crystal, Matt, and myself) have been talking about internally fine tuning elements. Most if not all of the notes you put on Skitch, we’re already aware of. Please wait for us to say “we’re ready for feedback.”

    I made a note about the ordering of thumbnails on the footer. Please, please read notes carefully.

    I’ve mentioned from the beginning that we’ll enter 3 case studies for you, the rest you’ll have to do yourself or pay extra for us to enter them in. We’ve already spent way over $ budget before we enlisted Crystal’s help. We started with a very low budget because I had a feeling things would get harder and more complex as most projects do so if you need more help and work, we need to “open up more runway.”


  15. noel saw says:

    Shri, Can we have a call around 12 or 1 pm today with Crystal?

  16. shri says:

    Crystal, I have complete Mobile+ More page layout in ai. I am now working to finish Motorla page in next several hours.

    – I may have to create ‘About page’ but will need to talk to Noel and Crystal so I am clear what I need to do there – I intend to use the old Homepage content as ‘About’ content. Will this be simple text entered as a wordpress page or need to create another inner page?
    – I will update resume and put it in the folder

  17. shri says:

    I have completed Motorola page as well. I might need tweaking the text but I will edit later.

    Noel/ Crystal – what do you need from me for About page? We can catch up with a call at noon tomorrow?

  18. noel saw says:

    Hi Shri, Crystal’s chatting with Matt about some more refinements to your site.

    I know she was entering in content for the inner page aka case studies last night but needed to chat with Matt this morning.

    For the About page, I think we entered in some or all of the previous home page content already but need to reformat it with columns.

    Crystal will chime in shortly and possibly setup a call with you later today.


  19. shri says:

    Hi Noel and Crystal,
    Thank you! it is starting to gel very well and I love it – nothing but grateful. I left notes made in skitch under a folder skitch review pages folder (under pages)

  20. shri says:

    Hi Noel and Crystal,
    How are you? Crystal should I call you tomorrow early like 10 am?

  21. noel saw says:

    Shri, here’s the link to the $20 first year of web hosting promo at Dreamhost:

    Please read the benefits page carefully 🙂 Call me if you have any questions.

    You can also get a “free” domain name when you’re signing up for Dreamhost web hosting, so I’d recommend getting your name without the dash: *during* the signup process at Dreamhost.

    Once you’re done, please *email* me the login for Dreamhost control panel so we can move your site over tonight.

    Tomorrow we can take care of pointing the old domain name over to the new site.


  22. shri says:

    Noel I have signed up on dreamhost with domain name

    I will send you the password access in your email


  23. shri says:

    Hi Crystal, We need to fix the text on Home page hero image as soon as possible (the very first thing my eBay boss noticed was that) – here is a skitch with notes:


  24. shri says:

    Hi Crystal, I posted this yesterday from airport, but here it is again:


  25. shri says:

    Hi Crystal,
    I need a typo fixed on Samsung ‘TagTV’ case study hero page (please see skitch below)


  26. Crystal Ehrlich says:

    Hi Shri,

    I have some time to work on the site today. Just add your requests to stratlist.

  27. Crystal Ehrlich says:

    Hi Shri, this image has been updated.

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