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noel saw
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  1. noel saw says:

    Hi Rebecca!

  2. rebecca.rona says:

    I’m nuts!!!

  3. noel saw says:

    Website purposes –
    Two audiences…
    1.) Current WIC participants
    2.) Potential WIC participants
    Helpful to both audiences. Encourage new people to become participants. Two URLs: New website – and

    Every page will have photos. Couple of paragraphs in English and Spanish.
    In general less pages than current SLAHP site.
    Probably remove secondary navigation below search field.
    Make “WIC” button on home page have carat to indicate clickable.
    Design and test Bi-Lingual navigation bar buttons

  4. rebecca.rona says:

    Great meeting,Noel. Now I need to get you the big buck$$$.


  5. noel saw says:

    Hi Rebecca, thanks for your help! Appreciate it!

    Have a great weekend!

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