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  1. noel saw says:

    Hi Brux, here’s the markup of the home page:

    I’ll add more note in the next few days.

    I am still thinking about whether or not we need the functionality in the CityWalk theme but for now can you assume we’re going to use it?


  2. noel saw says:

    Here’s a better one with footer widget area notes:

  3. noel saw says:

    Newest markup: – I’ll keep adding more notes tomorrow.

  4. Brux Romuar says:

    Hi Noel,

    Thanks for the markups & notes. Those will really help.
    Uploaded an early draft of the theme today, homepage is still rough but the documentary page is done now.

    I’m also gonna need a “regular” version of the Avenir Next font, we only have the semi-bold one. The regular one is used for post titles & sub-headers. I’ll add a task item above.

  5. noel saw says:

    Hi Brux, I’ll request copy of the Avenir Next tomorrow.

    How’s the rest of the PSDs going? Can we have more solid home page and “Watch” + “Shorts” page done by Monday morning please?

    Also can squeeze in a few StrataList updates too please 🙂 but for EBW is higher priority.


  6. Brux Romuar says:

    Hi Noel,

    Thanks! Homepage is all good now:, just the photo galleries missing because I may need to build the detail pages first so I know what to put in there. I hope that makes sense.

    I’ll try to squeeze in SL but I can’t promise noel, EBW eats too much time hehe.

    Thanks and have a good weekend.

  7. noel saw says:

    Hi Brux, thanks for the update! Home page looks good.

    So I posted a to-do to enter in Expert bios as WP users subscriber level (like we do on DHCS) and enter in Cities into the Taxonomy for posts.

    Also how’s the “Watch” & “Shorts” WP page coding going please?

    Have a great weekend!


  8. Brux Romuar says:

    Hi Noel,

    Shorts is ready:
    I’ll just add an initial 5 users & cities noel for demo since it’ll use up time when it should be for coding page & templates. I hope you understand.


  9. Brux Romuar says:

    Take you very much for the markups as well! I just saw them today, but I’ll update the templates to match the markups.

  10. noel saw says:

    Thanks Brux.

    I think you noticed the Watch page is using the same layout as “shorts”.

    So posts for “Watch” page should be “Watch” category.
    Posts for “Shorts” page = “Shorts” child category.

    Also please take a look at the new PSDs that Scott uploaded here:

  11. noel saw says:

    Hi Brux, I created new to-do’s with each PSD as the last items on this list above 🙂

    Could you try to get those done by Wed? I have a demo with them on Friday morning so I’d like to review Wed so you can polish up on Thursday 🙂


  12. noel saw says:

    Also here’s the site map with a column if PSD was received yet or not:

  13. Brux Romuar says:

    Hi Noel,

    More pages:
    – Pledge
    – Expert’s page
    – Read Page
    – Static Page
    – Static Page with Sidebar

    Also noel any updates on the light version of Avenir?


  14. noel saw says:

    Hi Brux,thanks for the pages!

    Client replied on their Basecamp the “regular” and “light” versions are now bought in the account now.

    I’ll post feedback shortly.


  15. noel saw says:

    Brux, can you start showing the drop down menus please? They were shown in the reference PDF and here’s the Google spreadsheet:

    Also please make sure there are two pages under “Watch”. Main “Watch” page (filtered for just posts with watch) and “Shorts” filtered to only show “Shorts” posts.


  16. noel saw says:

    Also when will the right sidebar for “Walk the Talk” be functional please? Please make sure to link up both thumbnail, headline, and text.

  17. noel saw says:

    Sorry for multiple messages. For the right sidebar “Walk the Talk” posts please make individual posts and use the “Page Links To” plugin/metabox (already installed) to redirect them to the right URL.


  18. Brux Romuar says:

    Hi Noel,

    Updates are up. For some of the links & menus, I’m not quite sure where to link some items. If there’s something missing or wrong just let me know & I’ll update.

    One problem: Experts page. Currently experts are subscriber-level but on the experts page they should have posts which subscribers cannot do.

  19. noel saw says:

    Hi Brux, for “Experts” feel free to bump them up to “author” level then.

  20. noel saw says:

    Hi Brux, here’s the video embed code for the Pledge page:

  21. pamsy says:

    re: Testing Pledge Form

    Hi Noel,

    The pledge form worked fine.Observations:
    1. A “Thank you for your pledge!” message appeared after pledge submission.
    2. Haven’t received email notification or the like though I’ve checked the box for “I’d like to receive email updates from Every Body Walk!” – not sure if I should receive or not by doing so.


  22. noel saw says:

    Hi Pam, thanks! Also do you think you can copy over another 30 headline/news posts from the old site by Wed morning LA time?

    For the blog, we’re going to use create a new page with an iframe to the Tumblr page and actually rename “blog” to “Tumblr” so you don’t have to transfer those.

  23. pamsy says:

    Hi Noel,

    Done adding 20 articles and 10 latest news.

    1 post = 1 to 2 minutes.


  24. Brux Romuar says:

    Hi Noel,
    Sorry things had been crazy during the past few days. I already continued working on the next set of pages.

  25. Brux Romuar says:

    Just to clarify noel, so Read > Blog will display an iframe to their tumblr? and #35 Read PSD will be the main/top Read page (Replacing the current one here

  26. noel saw says:

    Hi Brux, yes correct “Blog” will be renamed to “Tumblr” and use a format like this:

    Other than that the notes from the client for Read pages are here:

    Read (Main) PSD:

    Read -> Article PSD:

    Can you make a big push to have this section done by tomorrow morning LA time please? I need to show the client progress and haven’t had any updates in almost a week 🙂


  27. Brux Romuar says:

    Hi Noel,

    Actually I’ve been writing the pages slowly during the past days, just didn’t upload them yet since some parts of the theme were buggy.

    Also updated the pledge and documentary page.

    Also noel, this may be a big request but it’ll help in the long run and make everything work smoothly: Updated site map & short descriptions about what each page is about. (example:
    That will really help in organizing pages, their logic and how they relate to each other so we won’t be refactoring/reorganizing stuff always. Refactoring code takes so much time and bugs are likely to occur. Imagine always rearranging wires in a tangled clump, we’re bound to connect wrong wires to the wrong ports because they aren’t all labeled. I hope that makes sense.

    We used (A google drive app) on my previous projects to easily create & share site maps. You can then easily revise the site map whenever you have updates so we’re all in the same page and then I’ll make sure the end result is what you and RC think the EBW will be.


  28. noel saw says:

    Thanks Brux. I’ll ask Pam to convert the Google spreadsheet (link below) to a more visual sitemap.

    I noticed a bug with the “read more” button at the bottom of the pages. I am creating a to-do for it now.

    Pam, can you please convert that Google doc using that app Brux recommended?

    Thanks Team!


  29. noel saw says:

    Hi Brux, the primary video platform will be YouTube.

    Can we make sure that we can pull in the thumbnails from YouTube automatically?


  30. noel saw says:

    Hey Brux, for the Pledge page “Login with Facebook” do they need to generate an FB API key? If so where’s the generator?

    Please supply specific URL with the form.


  31. Brux Romuar says:

    Hi Noel,

    They can create an FB App here:, login then App > Create in the top menu.

    Featured Expert: it’ll show the most recent user who has the featured checkbox selected.

    YouTube Thumbnails: Gotcha, I’ll whip up a function for that.

    Fonts on Read Page: Can you try clearing the cache or incognito mode? CSS works fine here.


  32. noel saw says:

    Thanks Brux for the info.

    For the “Featured Experts”, in my wireframe I had it commented so if multiple are selected with the checkmark = on, then a random expert gets shown.


    Also did you see the new to-do fixes that I added starting at #48?

    Thanks a bunch! Hope you have a good weekend!


  33. pamsy says:

    Hi Noel,

    For unknown reason, I can’t access this page on my end. Not familiar with this too.


  34. Brux Romuar says:

    Updates are up on the dev site.

  35. noel saw says:

    @Brux, thanks! @Pam, can you review please?

    @Pam, can you try using the Google Drive / Docs drawing tool then?

    Or if you can use Adobe Illustrator?


  36. noel saw says:

    Hi Brux, thanks for fixing most of the client issues.

    FYI – Matt is going through and creating to-do’s based on Lindsay’s feedback. He’s closing them or asking for further clarifications.

    Also I noticed that issue #59 – linking the logo to root isn’t done yet?

    Also did you see these new pages to slice (or re-use a template below)?

    Reuse page template

  37. pamsy says:

    Hi Noel,

    #39 — I shared the sitemap link to your gmail and transferred its ownership.


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