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  1. chloenguyen says:

    Hey Noel, the home page wireframe I made is here:

    For the next ones I’ll make as separate pages. Is that kind of what you wanted?

  2. noel saw says:

    Hi Chloe, you sent a URL for the WP customizer and a wireframe?

    Do you want to try using this to make a wireframe? I can give you my login / password.


  3. chloenguyen says:

    Yes, the URL.. I made a mock up using the product itself.

    I can probably use PS or Illustrator, but please check out the link and tell me if you think I’m on the right track.

  4. noel saw says:

    Crystal, here are some competitors and similar products:

  5. chloenguyen says:

    Hey Noel, here’s a blog post from 2011 about having the title appear in the fields, disappearing if the field is clicked, and then reappearing if the user clicks out:
    It has jQ in it so I ran away crying because I’m scared of JS.

  6. noel saw says:

    Hey Chloe, ok let’s leave the form tip text out. I can ask Natalie to work on it later.

    So instead could you work on converting the diagram area with circular icons to real HTML/CSS elements for $20 more? Each icon and HTML should be editable.

    Could you make it editable in a post editor so I can edit the text later without having to edit the theme files?
    Also make those icons referenced in WP media library so I can also swap it out later please?

    Thanks and happy 4th!

  7. chloenguyen says:

    Hi Noel, I am finished with the dev and content work on the site. Please view it at different browser widths and read through the page and let me know if it’s good. I installed a “back to top” plugin, I hope that is okay.

    I couldn’t open the Illustrator file for the circle diagram icons because my version of Illustrator is too old. Could you or Crystal please make them into PSDs or JPGs?

  8. chloenguyen says:

    Noel how do I edit the redirect for my Wedding list? I created the list and I just need to edit the redirect (the one with the auth code).

  9. chloenguyen says:

    Hey Noel, I made the circular diagram in HTML. What do you think? I need to figure out a mobile solution, though.. it breaks on small screens.

  10. chloenguyen says:

    Noel, I finished the NeoEvents page, circular diagram and all.

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