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  1. noel saw says:

    Hi Ryan, did you see the new sort order in the Google doc on to-do item #1?

  2. noel saw says:

    Hi Noel, I have changed the sorting for the ui controls except for the site titles. I still need to change that part to cater page titles rather than the current site wide title. Also there are sections that you didnt mention which can be found currently under the footer section, layout etc.

  3. noel saw says:

    Hi Ryan, any update please on using page titles instead of site titles?

    Also I just looked at my Google doc and couldn’t find anything that is missing. I know I moved some of the email signup controls to a new section called “Email Signup.”

    If there’s something that I forgot to include, just feel free to put it where you think it belongs logically please. Basically where are there similar controls and put it into that section.

  4. joseph2ryan says:

    Hey Noel,

    Added the page title support to quicklaunch.me, also I checked the calendar plugin today, seems something is wrong with the caching of css, Can I have wp access? I have tried the one on the bc writeboard but it didnt work.

  5. noel saw says:

    Hi Ryan, thanks for responding.

    It looks good but I noticed gradient backgrounds are not previewing in “real time” if the user clicks on a color swatch.

    I’ll send a milestone payment via email now.

  6. joseph2ryan_Neochrome_team says:

    Hi Noel, Fixed the real time edit for the gradient background and also the issue on the gradient color getting cut off. As for #20 and #21 its the original design function for the theme, but if you want this pushed it can be done.

  7. noel saw says:

    Hi Ryan, do you mean items #21 (Logo replaces title) and #22 (Background color gets cut off) were part of the original code?

    How about issue #20? Is that fixed?

    Can you also add top right (right alignment) corner navigation bar menu builder for the extra $? Just use Arial for the font now.

    Any luck on allowing URL permalinks (#10 above) to be edited or will that work through the page editor?
    Also can you add a “clone” function (#9) on the page summary view to allow WP editor to clone a page with the content + settings?


  8. joseph2ryan_Neochrome_team says:

    Hey Noel,

    The background getting cut off issue is now fixed also the real time gradient edit. As for the permalink structure to be edited on the customizer, ill will still explore on how this could be done pragmatically. For the clone function I can just install the duplicate post plugin for that, is that what you mean?

  9. pamsy says:

    Hi Noel,


    Item #8: Make sure to show list of CPT landing pages like standard WP blog posts listing page – not sure. It describes CPT but couldn’t see one. screen shot. http://goo.gl/QKqm2B

    Item #9: Allow pages to be copied/cloned/duplicated from listing page – fixed

    Item #10: Allow page Permalink URLs to be edited/modified with usual WP rules like posts/pages – fixed

    Item #11: Make sure it works with WP 3.9 – fixed. Already running WP 3.9.1

    Item #14: When editing and leaving customizer with “close” button, it should go back to “pages” list rather than main WP admin screen or theme page – fixed

    Item #15: Gradient backgrounds not loading in preview/editor mode – fixed

    Item #16: Add “Customize” text button to rollover effect for pages – or switch it to a CPT to allow this – screenshot: http://goo.gl/9iaUU9 – fixed

    Item #17: Hide “Site” and “Tagline” tagline in Customizer – fixed. a duplicate of task items #5 and #6.

    Item #22: Page background color gets cut off as content expands toward bottom – http://goo.gl/T5gDY9 / by Pam – fixed. background-color getting cut-off – fixed

    Item #23: P1: Make “Page title” in customizer pull in same page title from WP based page editor automatically (changes should synchronize) – Customizer should auto-pull page title from the WP page editor — Not yet.
    screen shot: http://goo.gl/W7hTta
    * unchecked item #23

    Gradient background in customizer is previewing in real time – fixed


  10. noel saw says:

    Thanks Pam for update. For #8, since we’re using the pages instead of a CPT.

    Thanks for QAing #23 too.


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