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He believes in fairness, opportunity, and decency. He is against division as well as extremism which often does not reflect our community's values. Who does Dan Helmer represent? Dan is a small business operator and entrepreneur. He is fighting for affordable health care, for training which makes our neighborhood competitive by nature, for good-paying tasks which will help support a family members, and also for good infrastructure that links many sides of the local community.

He represents common folks in the tenth District who wish to visit a future where economic system is built for everybody not just a select several at the top and where the values of ours are our values and our leaders fight for them. As a part of the Future Forum, he helped create the Pathway for Progress that is a package of reforms and investments in schooling to make certain that every pupils are equipped for success in the economy and projects of the long term.

Helmer has advocated for a strong strategy to help Americans pay off their student loans. The Pathway includes legislation to stop pupil debt, expanding access to community colleges and trade schools, and maximizing investments in HBCUs. What does Dan feel the task of the federal government should be in today's pupil loan crisis? Latest Major Action: House - Described the Committee on Small Business. (May 12, 2021) Introduced on Apr 202.2477: To permanently change the guidelines governing the regulation of certain synthetic cannabinoids.

Dan Helmer supports every woman's right to make her own personal choices about her body, like the right to choose an abortion. We need to protect female's right to create the own choices of theirs, not the government's. He thinks it's a healthcare issue, not a political body. Where does Dan Helmer stand on social issues like abortion? Dan is going to use his many years of expertise as a venture capitalist, company executive, and armed forces officer to see to it that our infrastructure is safe and accessible for all people.

As an example, our roads were made for cars, not bicycles as well as scooters. Additionally, he wishes to make sure that our ports as well as airports are utilized for trade, not terrorism. This is why he's calling on states to invest in the airports of theirs, that currently receive less than 1 % of federal spending. The economic system wasn't built by a few, but by each and every one. But with ridesharing providers like Uber and Lyft are helping thousands of people in our district leave their cars at home.

He's likewise pushing for federal investment in ports, including a modernized Panama Canal.

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